About 4 years ago, God, in His infinite wisdom and perfect timing, reunited me with my sister, Chaplain Mona Beedle. I was in NH, she in Fl. Miles may have separated us but our love for the Lord, and each other, kept us close in heart.

This is exactly what Trucking Angels for Christ does. It eliminates the distance that separates sisters in Christ and unites them for the purpose of fostering friendships, supporting each other in times of need, celebrating each others victories and reaffirming the unconditional love of God.
There is no judgement, no requirement that you actually drive a truck (I couldn’t even if my life depended on it - at least not without a miracle from God!), no expectation other than opening your heart and mind to a group of women who genuinely care about and support one another.

Thank you to all my “sisters”. You’re definitely the bright spot in my week and my life is richer because of you!
Donna Wurtz 

Real Life Stories Truckers Editions 1